• Abdul Samien: Reading - Posted 4 February 2020

Thank you Diptendra. His insightful knowledge and useful techniques dramatically improved my driving over such a short period of time. His kindness and patience also raised my confidence not only to pass my test first time, but to be as safe a driver as I can.


  • George Chen: Reading - Posted 21 September 2018

Thank you Diptendra, I was more than prepared for my driving test when it came. Your tailored approach to teaching allowed me to feel comfortable and clear with how to learn a new skillset. As an A Level student, my driving lessons were fairly sporadic but with your teaching I still managed to retain and improve on previous lessons. I would totally recommend you to any other students who are looking for a patient teacher.


  • Gordon Hodson Location: Reading - Posted 9 July 2018

As an elderly driver now past my fourscore years I decided to try to check out and improve my driving skills. Diptendra willingly became my tutor and I could not have asked for a better person. He is very experienced, clear in his guidance, patient, tolerant and, understanding, He combines these qualities with a good sense of humour so we also had fun. As a result of his efforts I feel my driving skills have improved considerably. He is an excellent tutor and I fully recommend him.


  • Jonathan Rajadurai Location: Reading - Posted 18 December 2017

Diptendra has been fantastic instructor, he was very patient, professional and friendly. His instructions and feedback were clear and constructive. My lessons covered different traffic and road conditions which has taught me to always drive safely. Diptendra did a great job preparing me for the test. I highly recommend him and he will ensure you learn all the required driving skills to pass the test first time and to be a confident and safe driver. Thanks again Diptendra!


  • Ed Allan Location: Reading - Posted 18 March 2017

Learning to drive with Diptendra has been an absolute pleasure. His lessons have always been really enjoyable, which I always look forward to. He is extremely helpful and has allowed me to become a safe, and confident driver in no time. I couldn't think of anyone better to learn to drive with.
Thanks for being a great instructor and helping me pass my test first time! [:)]


  • Jessica Noone  Location: Reading - Posted 18 October 2016

Diptendra has been a brilliant instructor and the lessons were always enjoyable.
I cannot recommend him enough to new drivers. He is very friendly, always positive and has helped to make me a safe, confident driver.
Thanks very much for all your help!


  • Julie Atkinson Location: Wokingham - Posted 6 October 2016

Diptendra is a calm, capable, confident tutor, whose patience and friendly but firm instructions helped me improve my driving skills and confidence pass the ROSPA advance driving test.


  • Hanya Taylor Location: Reading - Posted 2 June 2016

A HUGE Thank You to Diptendra for all his help and support in mentoring me to obtain my GOLD Grade on my ROSPA Advanced Test! I really appreciated the calm and relaxed manner which was displayed throughout the training, as well as a huge amount of patience.
As a Driving Instructor myself, I know that my pupils are able to benefit greatly from all the fantastic training I have been lucky to receive!
I looked forward to each session and I know I could not have achieved the high grade without all the help and advice I was given!
Would highly recommend Diptendra! Thank you again.
Hanya Taylor [:)]


  • Hayward Lai Location: Reading, Berkshire - Posted 14 May 2016

Being a young motorist, the RoSPA training really elevated my driving to a different level, from the previously anxious driver to one that genuinely enjoys driving. Diptendra has been a very patient and observant instructor throughout the course and turned the RoSPA training into a very rewarding journey. This was especially appreciated granted the lengthy and often frustrating process to 'un-learn' how to drive and correct the bad habits from the start. Thanks to Diptendra, the process was not painful by any means and in fact the tuition drives were fun, enjoyable yet informative.
Many thanks Diptendra!


  • Gabriella Millard Location: Reading - Posted 26 October 2015

Diptendra has been a fantastic driving instructor. I always looked forward to having lessons with him. I was worried I was going to have a strict driving instructor that would shout, but Diptendra was the complete opposite, he is very friendly! Because of all his help, I was able to pass my test first time and I feel confident being on the road. Thank you again Diptendra! [:D]


  • Abdul Mahin Location: Reading - Posted 1 October 2015

As a naive learner, I hoped to pass my driving test with as few lessons as possible under my belt. However, Diptendra taught me the importance of safety on the roads while making lessons enjoyable. He has helped me grow and become a more confident, young driver by giving me positive feedback and support. For a student like me, the lessons were affordable and I was able to have them at convenient times. Thanks to Diptendra I was able to pass first time!


  • Mark Foulger Location: Slough - Posted 30 September 2015

Hi Diptendra
I would just like to say thank you for your help and patience in mentoring me to obtain a Silver on my RoSPA Advanced test. He has helped my overcome some [bad] habits that I had and provided constructive feedback. Hope all goes well with your future trainees I can recommend Diptendra
Thanks again


  • Julian Clark Location: Slough - Posted 11 June 2015

Thanks Diptendra. A great mentor and trainer. Very relaxed and calming but concise and positive. The advice for improving was analysed carefully and suggestions of how to approach the situation were given clearly. I passed my Advanced Test recently and gained a Silver. Thanks again.


  • Michaela Benbow Location: Maidenhead - Posted 30 May 2015

I started rospa as been driving a while and had got into bad habits. I have found it very useful and am on track for my test soon thanks to a very patient instructor. He has helped me to relax and enjoy my driving again. I look forward to my lesson he makes me laugh and i have learnt loads. [:)]


  • Jill Wheatley Location: Wokingham, Berkshire - Posted 17 October 2014

I passed my driving test in 1957 and have enjoyed driving ever since. I understand the importance of remaining safe as an OAP and so enrolled in ROSPA after having worked with IAM in my fifties and sixties. I was fortunate in having a very patient and skilled ROSPA tutor to help me improve my skills and raise my standard of driving. Diptendra was always supportive and clear and I looked forward to our sessions even when I realised how much I had still to learn (or sometimes remember). There was an agreed focus each lesson such as motorway driving , improving signalling skills and road positioning and very clear verbal and written feedback. I have gained in confidence as my skills improved and that has helped to recapture the pleasure I used to get from driving, knowing that I am a much safer and aware driver. I shall take the ROSPA test for my own satisfaction and to round off a very happy experience. I especially appreciated how he never lost patience with me even when I proved to be a slow learner. Thank you.


  • Keith Pruden Location: Henley-on-Thames - Posted 2 June 2014

Although I passed my original driving test in 1979 and the IAM test in 1990 I still had the feeling that my driving could be improved and as the best standards are achieved by following the UK Police system which is followed by RoSPA I decided to enrol in the Thames Valley Group, learn more about advanced driving and hopefully improve enough to take my RoSPA driving test.
As part of the enrolment, Diptendra was asked for provide me with personal tuition and from our first meeting it was clear that he offered a whole new perspective on driving safely and with fun thrown in. His observation skills are first class and these allied to strong communication and interpersonal skills made the process of un-learning my years of average driving and then learning the advanced skills needed to reach RoSPA standard both pleasurable and rewarding.
Diptendra challenges in a pleasant way, never shows impatience and always seeks to provide constructive feedback. Overall I cant recommend him highly enough, put it this way, after seven sessions I took my RoSPA test and achieved the highest grade available and that was thanks entirely to Diptendra.

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