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Book lessons only if you accept the following:

What I as the tutor can expect from you as the pupil

1. You will not be allowed to take a lesson if I believe you are intoxicated. This could be related to alcohol, drugs or medicine. My decision is final. You will be responsible for payment of that lesson.

2. You have to give 24 hours notice to cancel a driving lesson. Failure to give sufficient notice will mean you will have to pay for that lesson regardless of your future availability.

3. If you are more than 10 minutes late for the lesson the lesson will be taken to be cancelled. No refund for that lesson will be considered.

4. If you cancel 3 lessons in a 4 week period I have the right to cancel all agreements. No refund will be provided.

5. If you are unavailable for lessons for a continuous period of 56 days but do not provide prior notice of this, I have the right to cancel all agreements. No refund for any prepaid lessons will be provided.

6. I am the person who decides if the lesson should start or continue in the event of bad weather.

7. The lesson complies with the Highway Code and UK Law; for example if you are caught speeding during the lesson you have to take any penalties awarded.

8. If the driving lesson is recorded following mutual agreement, the recording may be used for such things as marketing and evidence. You will be allowed a copy at reasonable request.

9. Unruly or abusive behaviour towards the tutor will not be tolerated and will result in the tutor cancelling all agreements. No refund of prepaid lessons will be considered.

10. You will always show courtesy to other road users.

11. Use of my vehicle for the practical driving exam is solely at my discretion.


What you as the pupil can expect from me as the tutor

1. You should expect me to be on time but if running late I will phone you as soon as possible. For every five minutes I am late you will be given fifteen minutes free.

2. The interior of the car will be smart, clean and free of unpleasant smells.

3. I will chart your progress at the end of each lesson.

4. You will be encouraged to pass the theory test within the first 6 weeks or 12 hours of training.

5. I may from time to time need to refuel, if this occurs you will be asked to help as part of your learning and you will be given an extra five minutes at the end of the driving lesson.

6. You should expect a friendly, polite and professional service from me.

7. If I need to take control of the steering wheel to protect you from a collision, contact with you may occur for which I apologise in advance.

Secure, Friendly and Professional training to become a Safe, Smart and Smooth driver irrespective of whether you are learning to drive or you are an experienced full licence holder looking to improve or refresh your skills.


Don't increase your risk of being a (fatal) statistic by learning to drive just to pass the test.

£30 per hour

Payment in advance by cash or by bank transfer. Block booking recommended.



  • Same tutor
  • Same car

Lessons tailored to individual skill level and learning pattern

Recording of reflective feedback at the end of each lesson to enhance progressive learning

Theory test guidance and advice

Guardians and partners are welcome to observe lessons and gain supervisor tips

Professional handouts after each lesson


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